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Local Area Info - A Taster of the Many Attractions

Kotor is a pleasant picturesque walk of just 10-12 mins from the apartment, along the side of the fjord, past small shops and bars etc. Kotor is a town with UNESCO World Heritage protected walls and buildings many centuries old. Its myriad of narrow cobbled streets twist and turn to constantly provide a delight around every corner. It's traffic free and can be both peaceful and lively, especially in the evenings with a wonderful cafe culture and night life. Kotor boasts many historical attractions especially the semi circular old wall which is a 'must do'. It stretches high above the town up the mountainside affording wonderful views and interesting buildings along the way. The town has many lively squares, pubs, cafes and restaurants, and a night scene to keep the young and young at heart contented. Wonderful cathedrals, churches and museums are well worth a look and there are frequent festivals involving the local people. There is a great daily market for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish etc between the wall and marina outside the main gate. Boat trips and watersports can be accessed from Kotor waterfront where pleasure boats, yachts and motor boats of the rich can be found. Cruise ships and clipper sailing boats are now regular visitors to the marina and pleasure boat trips with or without food can be taken around the fjord and along the coast.

Both within walking distance and a short drive the area abounds with many excellent restaurants, all at great value. Also try the excellent local beer (Niksic or MB) at around £1.25 for 2 litres from the shop below. Bottled water and fresh bread are also very cheap. 

A dramatic winding 'Serpentine Road' wends its way high above the town, giving views high over the fjord mountains across to the Adriatic Sea. Continue further to the mountain topping Njegos Mausoleum, from which much of the entire country can be seen.

The new attraction of Porto Montenegro marina is currently being developed at nearby Tivat and an amazing cable car all the way from Kotor over the mountains to the capital Cetinje, is planned to be completed very soon.

Kotor/Boka Fjord & Coastal & Inland regions

The Boka Kotorska bay is fascinating, providing many miles of driving/walking around the fjord until you reach the Adriatic Sea. Around the fjord are many interesting, picturesque fishing villages incl Perast, Dobrota, Prcanj, Stoliv, Herceg Novi - all with their own individual charm. Along the nearby Adriatic coast are the other old walled towns of Dubrovnic and Budva. The coastline is rugged, scenic and magical.

There are many beaches after 15 mins by car on Lustica and the Adriatic coast, the best one being in the superb safe, fine and white sandy bay of Przno (due south of Tivat), which boasts many facilities incl restaurant, bar, changing facilities etc. Swimming in the fjord itself is mainly done from small beaches or puntas, some of which are within a few metres of the apartment.

There is a wide variety of walks available in the surrounding mountains, some of which can be reached by foot from the apartment. Walking by the water's edge on the flat road around the side of the fjord is also extremely rewarding and there are many bars, restaurants and points of interest where you can rest for a short while.

The Boka Kotorska fjord is the southernmost in Europe & affords stunning views from any position around its 40km coastline. Climb the twisting mountain roads high above the fjord for the most dramatic scenery, and enjoy soaking up the atmosphere of the village life long forgotten in more developed countries. Montenegro truly is the undiscovered 'Pearl of the Adriatic'. It also boasts a wonderful climate.

The old walled town of Budva (25 mins) is well worth a visit together with its beaches and attractions. It is gaining a well deserved reputation as a chic resort. Another 5 mins south reaches the iconic Sveti Stefan peninsular, 'playground of the rich and famous' with its stone buildings huddled together and surrounding beaches. Skadar Lake (1.5 hours) is a haven for wildlife and offers great views and boat trips. Skadar is large and varied and stretches right into Albania. Further down the coast are pretty and rugged Petrovac and Ulcinj. Inland past the new capital of Podgorica or over the Lovcen mountain behind Kotor is the old capital of Cetinje, with many interesting historic buildings.

The coastline is stunning but try also to visit the stunning inland which is just as beautiful and dramatic. Make a short break (1 or 2 nights away) to explore the best of the mountain ranges, ravines, canyons, gorges, forests, sea, beaches, birds & wildlife. Here there is also a wealth of outdoor activities including white water rafting & canoeing, hang-gliding, paragliding, microlighting, rock & mountain climbing, mountain biking, twitching, sailing, snorkeling etc. Tara Canyon is second only to the Grand Canyon in depth and runs through the beautiful Durmitor mountain range. The 300m high bridge is breathtaking.

Suggested Things to do for up to Two Weeks

1. Although you will want to walk/drive into Kotor perhaps most evenings (bars, restaurants, atmosphere) it takes a good day to explore there - the wall, market, cathedral, narrow streets, squares, shops, museums etc. and there is a great variety of bars and restaurants to choose from.
2. Take the 'serpentine' road high above Kotor on the mountain road toward Cetinje. It snakes up and takes about 40 mins to the top, though you will want to stop at many of its 18 turns as the view gets better and better. At the top the road straightens and then after 4km turn right (look for the small sign post at Krstac) for another 40 mins all the way up to the Njegos mausoleum. Amazing journey, amazing sight, amazing place. Google Earth ref. 42'24'13'04 N and 18'48'52'57 S
3. Tour the Lustica peninsular and take the coast road. Quaint villages, discreet beaches, all the way to picturesque Rose at the very tip. Visit Mamula fortress and island, and several tiny coves.
4. For the best beach around visit the bay at Przno. This is due south of Tivat, on the Atlantic coast - not the Przno near Budva. From Muo, take the Kotor tunnel and go straight over the main Tivat to Budva road into the Lustica peninsula. Pass via Radovici and keep to the left on way out. Park for €3.
5. Turn left out of the apartment around the fjord road to Tivat for magical views and scenery. Stop off just past Stoliv (opp. Perast) for a great view where the fjord opens up in all directions. Again, great little villages and restaurants are all around. Tivat is worth a look. Take a boat trip from here.
6. On the edge of Tivat, the "new Monte Carlo" Porto Montenegro marina is being constructed and will be partially open to the public from 1st July 2010. This will include shops and restaurants, a marine museum housing 2 submarines, and public jetty's at which 170m long super yachts (costing €700m) can be moored. This will be home for the (very) rich and famous - see if you can spot Eddie Jordan's apartment. There will be a golf course in 2011. Here a new 50m lido pool bar is set to become the Adriatic' hottest nightspot. Sveti Marko, opposite, will become a Banyan Tree resort.
7. Budva Stari Grad ("Old Town" - similar to Kotor) is well worth a visit and also offers a lively beach and plenty of water and other sporting activities. Jaz beach is on the right just before you climb the hill on the way into Budva - not nearly as good as Przno, but is where Madonna and the Rolling Stones have performed recently. Then visit the quieter but more enchanting Rafailovici, Przno and Milocer beaches, before reaching Sveti Stefan 7km further down the coast.
8. Sveti Stefan is just 40 mins drive and used to be frequented by celebrities such as Sophia Loren in the 1950's. It is now re-opened as a luxury 6* Aman Resort hotel and can be visited (and its nearby beaches) by the public.
9.Lots of walking either side of Kotor in the surrounding mountains [look for the green signs] & boat trips from Kotor.
10. Again the fjord road in the other direction to Herceg Novi is just terrific. Stop off at beautiful Perast and take a boat into the fjord to one of the islands. Drive or walk along waters edge at Dobrota.
11. Take the ferry from Lepetani (4 Euro per car load) for great views and a quicker way to reach the villages the other side of the fjord.
12. Visit Skadar Lake (in the Jezero National Park) by taking the coast road past Budva and Petrovac until just before Bar, you turn left through the tunnel towards Podgorica. Emerge from the tunnel and the lake is reached shortly after (1.25 hours). Nature and bird lovers will enjoy this area, with great scenery, boat trips and interesting historical sights nearby (eg Žabljak Crnojevića, an abandoned medieval fortified town - across the lake at the mouth of the Moraca River).
13. Dubrovnik is great. Its a 2 hour drive, so maybe you could fit this in either on your way to or from the apartment.
14. For the truly adventurous, visit Ostrog Monastery. The final part of the road journey is not for the faint hearted as it clings to the side of a mountain and is narrow and twisting. Like the road, the monastery is built into the rock face. Situated on the minor road between Niksic and Podgorica (the Capital) and will take about 3 hours each way.

Porto Montenegro Marina - the new Monte Carlo

Due to a worsening shortage of marinas in the Mediterranean capable of mooring the ever increasing number of super yachts being built, this development is being constructed on a scale set to more than match Monte Carlo in a bid to attract the World's super rich tycoons and their toys.

Situated on the western edge of Tivat - just 10 mins drive from FarAwayVillas apartment in Muo, at the heart of the magnificent 100km coastline of Boka Kotorska fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site

Partially Opens 1st July 2010, and due for completion end 2011.
Between 700 and 800 villas & apartments plus 5* hotels and up to 600 mooring berths (130 for yachts of over 30m - up to 170m) are to be built using local stone & characteristics where possible.
Has been funded without borrowings by a consortium led by Canadian mining magnate Peter Munk and Rothschild's Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Sales have been "brisk" and ahead of schedule.
Prices range from €250,000 for a studio to €1.9m for a 205 m2, 3 bedroom 2nd floor apartment. (or €3800 to €6000 now, rising to €9000 per m2). A 15 year lease for a 50m yacht costs €100,000 pa.
For continuity of use of the development, it is intended that 2/3rds of the property owners must also have a permanent mooring, which also gives them a 75% discount for the first 3 years berthing cost.
Eddie Jordan (Formula One) has purchased and Bernie Ecclestone & Roman Abramovich may do
Taksim Shinawatra (ex Thailand PM and owner of Manchester City FC) has bought in Budva and Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta Jones in Perast.
Jetty's, shops, bars & restaurants will all be open to the public free of charge. Locals are welcomed
Super yachts up to 170m long costing €700m (more than the entire marina development) can be moored. These yachts take on 500,000 litres of fuel and tanks for these volumes have been installed at the marina.
We have seen a very large ‘garage' boat with helicopter pad which follows & maintains the yachts
Opening Summer 2010 is a 50m lido pool bar hosting guest DJ's as the sun goes down, which is set to become one of the Adriatic's hottest nightspots.
A good variety of sports are/will be available but admittance may be limited to members
A golf course is under construction and should be open mid 2011
The developers won tax concessions from the Montenegrin Govt paying only 7% VAT vs 17%
They will be campaigning for Tivat airport to take more flights from Europe and for the local area infrastructure to be upgraded to attract major hotel groups and cater for international events here
Development is built at the site of Tivat Naval and Merchant shipping port, which was in use until very recently.
A nautical museum is to be opened featuring old vessels moored here including 2 submarines
Opposite Tivat is Sveti Marko, soon to open as a Banyan Tree Hotel Resort with bars & boutiques.

Fitness Facilities are available in Kotor

There is a gym situated in the Kamelija shopping mall which is just outside the Old Town walls - called the Zen Centre. It costs €5 for a single visit and is open from 9am until 10pm every day, except Sunday when it opens at 2pm. There are other payment options including 3 day, 4 day, 5 day and 7 day membership at  around €50.

They have 3 treadmills, 3 bicycles, 1 cross trainer, free weights, various machines and a studio for classes.

Also at the gym they have a massage service eg €20 per hour or €30 for a 1 hour deep tissue "sailor" massage. Book ahead! 

The sauna costs €8 and 3 aerobics classes in a week costs €30.

There will be other fitnes available for use by the general public at the Porto Montenegro marina complex as well as at the better hotels in the area.

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Kotor info  


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www.durmitorcg.com good for ski-ing; rafting; mountain biking etc




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Montenegrin Food Drink and Culture (from Russian)

Local cuisine - a mixture of local food, not only of Montenegro. You can also find Italian, Greek and Turkish cuisine and familiar hamburgers. Italian spaghetti, lasagna and pizza in the Montenegrin version - this is an interesting finding. For example, a pizza with local dried meat (ham) and other local goodies. The proximity of the sea suggests the presence of a fish and seafood.Even those who do not care for fish, will appreciate the taste of cooked dishes. Here everything is just fresh. Montenegrins are added to the dishes varied spices, which gives them a unique and exquisite taste, and, of course, a fragrance that attracts like a magnet. For example, a fish stew of different kinds of fish. Or a variety of seafood salads, mussels, shrimp, fish soup, appetizer of trout, grilled fish with a sauce of butter, garlic and parsley. As a side dish to fish is served with boiled potatoes, blitvu - a kind of spinach or polenta - a dish made of corn flour.

In Montenegro, the widespread fish drying in the sun. Jerk before the big fish clean and open like a book. Pressed her with boards that it was all in the sun. Every morning it dipped in salt water, and when dry ends, smoked over a fire and placed in paper bags. In winter, it is boiled and eaten with vegetables.

Montenegro - not just " fish ", but the" meat "country. This pork, beef, and lamb dishes and a variety of species. Often they are prepared with kajmak. Prepares clotted cream just by taking milk, sheep's better, is poured into a flat dish and put in a warm oven for about three hours. Next, the resulting substance to be cooled. The resulting top layer is carefully removed, shift into another bowl and lightly salted. As often clotted cream stewed lamb or chicken - they are very tender. The best meat is if it put out in a metal cauldron.

And in Montenegro is very fond of ham . It is believed that the best ham is done in Njegusi, a place near Cetinje. It has a special taste because pork intended for the manufacture of hams, dried up in the mountains, where the air is very clean. In the same way, is the most delicate and cottage cheese.

The portions are huge, so if you, for example, have a sheep, then you will bring several large pieces on the plate size was like a tray.

In traditional Montenegrin cuisine is one very unusual way to prepare chicken: chicken salt and put in a sheep or goat, which collects the oven on a skewer. When the lamb is ready, not only tsplenok fry thoroughly, but also acquire an exceptional taste. Sometimes chicken sprinkled with honey. Or, for example, meat, cooked in the rumen. Take scar pig or other animal and thoroughly cleaned and washed. It put the meat and topped up with water. Then scar tightly knotted and covered with ash and hot coals or hang over the fireplace and thus cooked over the fire.

Montenegrin Food Drink & Culture (continued)

Particularly noteworthy local salads. This is a very large chopped vegetables, olive oil and vinegar watered abundantly. It is easy and simple, but most importantly delicious. Olive oil , an indispensable component of the coastal cuisine, because olive trees are everywhere. The most useful oil is obtained by cold working with a press.

Montenegrin traditional bread - corn . Young people prefer the usual "white" loaves, which the older generation calls a "European".

Sweets deserve special mention. Sweet lovers will enjoy "palachinke" - big pancake stuffed with jam, jam, chocolate, cream, or "Krstic" - small donuts, which are usually served with chocolate sauce and strong coffee ("cafe Couva" - coffee ET) or insanely delicious hot chocolate. And of course "sladoled." The name speaks for itself.


Montenegrins are proud of their dry wines - red " Vranach "and" Cabernet "and white" Krstac "and" Chardonnay ". Local wine "Vranac" among the hundred best European wines, "Krstac" Nicole from the village church is a completely unique wine. Variety of grape from which it is produced, is not grown anywhere else in the world.

Wine "Vranac" is a hundred of the best European wines. The name is translated into Russian as "black horse." Excellent red wine, dark red, almost ruby ​​color with purplish tinge, with a pleasant fruity flavor noble, solid and playful.

Wine " Krstac "from the village of Nicole churches are absolutely unique wine. Variety of grape from which it is produced, is not grown anywhere else in the world. This is a wonderful dry white wine, with a magnificent bouquet, light yellow color.

Grape brandy - this grape vodka. Its strength - 50 degrees. But it is much easier to drink our usual vodka. Its unique flavor is due poluchipa local grapes - Vranac. It has a beautiful finish. Best snack with - ham, of course, cured meats and cheese.Kroon - this is the highest grade of grape brandy, has a pleasant aroma, clean and harmonious taste, it is easy to drink.Lozovacha - grape brandy, plum brandy - brandy from plums kaysievacha - apricot brandy.

Niksicko beer - the favorite and the only national beer, which is produced since 1896. It is made ​​from barley, water from mountain springs and bitter and aromatic hops Arriving in Montenegro is a sin not to try ....negushsky cheese and prosciutto negushsky

Montenegrin Food Drink & Culture (yet more...)

Arriving in Montenegro is a sin not to try ....negushsky cheese and prosciutto negushsky

The last phrase refers to a delicious cured meats, which has become an integral part of the national cuisine of Montenegro.It is used everywhere: as a separate appetizer and as a component of various dishes, such as pizza.clotted cream . One of the famous Montenegrin dishes made ​​from sheep's milk. In this case, milk is poured into a flat dish and three hours standing in a warm oven. Then it is cooled, the top layer is removed, the remaining mass salted. Kaymak often cook lamb or chicken.meat dishes . Sausages "chevapchichi" (prepared with minced meat), "lamb from Sacha" (meat baked under iron lid, which are located on the surface of hot coals), lamb with carrot and fragrant roots boiled in milk, a huge burger called pleskavitsa, and the royal food "interfere meso" (assorted meatballs, liver, home sausage patties and pork)."Ribble chorba" . Ear, which is a fish sauce of different varieties of freshwater fish, flavored with hot pepper. It should also try the grilled calamari with cheese, mussels in lemon juice or trout Podgorica (fragrant spices and sauce from sour milk used in the kitchen Montenegro deliver unearthly pleasure the most demanding gourmet.)Montenegrin wines . Dry red wine "Vranac", included in the list of choicest of European wines, dry white wine "Krstac" produced only in Montenegro, grape brandy (lozovacha), plum brandy (plum brandy), apricot brandy (kaysievacha) - all this will make your holidays Montenegro national and truly original. And the good mood is guaranteed ... For many more pages of local information go to http://yourholidayhomes.ru/home/307/----/page-2/ 

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